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Wondering why use a smartphone application to access your Tally information on the go?


Anytime Anywhere Access:


Juno sets your accounting software free. You can access information anytime, anywhere. Whether it is to access up-to-date information before a critical meeting, or to field questions from clients while on the move, or to check on payments from debtors or to creditors, your smartphone connects you securely with your Tally installation.

Just a few clicks on the mobile phone, be it an iPhone, or on Symbian, Blackberry and Android platforms, you can count on Juno to give you information you need.


Data Security and Access:

If you’ve ever been worried about prying eyes accessing sensitive information, you can rest easy. Juno DOES NOT store any information apart from your user id. All the data that we pull out comes straight from your servers.


Your Tallynet installation already has built-in security features such as encrypted data transfer which Juno also uses. What’s more with your single-user TallyNet id, you can set different levels of access to multiple user categories, ensuring the mobile user accesses only information relevant to your needs.


Non-Tally User Friendly:

You do not have to be an expert on Tally to use Juno. With its intuitive interface that is high on simplicity, the app’s GUI allows you to access critical information easily, with zero-hassles. Juno is not meant for the intricate transactions; rather it is an on-the-go solution for those who need access to information. A basic understanding of business is all that you need to make the most of this application.


Juno SendSmart is an indispensible tool for those seeking to convert their supply chain into a strategic weapon.

It combines the benefits of Juno with an added feature - data entry in Tally, using your mobile. It makes your business more dynamic by enabling you to input, update and sync real-time information with your systems across the board.

Its key features have been designed to help streamline your operations by reducing costs, improving inventory turn around and augmenting quality.


Juno SendSmart helps solve issues arising from data entry, handling and management, and improves overall performance. Here’s how it can help you conduct your business, better, quicker, smarter.
Problem 1 :   Smart Solution
Your business may take you places, but lack of connectivity, limited space, necessity to stay mobile and non-conducive environment could cause many a hindrance. Investing in infrastructure that overcomes these challenges could prove very expensive. With Juno SendSmart, you can expand your business, with very little initial investment. All you will need to set up a branch office, even in the remotest parts of the country, is a portable device, like a mobile phone or a tab with Juno. Your sales team can have access 24X7 to real time, key business information, as Juno SendSmart even comes with benefit of offline functionality.
Problem 2   Smart Solution
Currently when the sales team books a sale or collects a payment, it takes a day or two for the same to reflect in the company records, and for the order to be dispatched. Their physical presence in the market prevents them from making an instant record of it, creating a lag, increasing dependency and turnaround times, errors of omission and reducing efficiency and profitability. Juno SendSmart allows for real time data entry. Like Juno, no prior knowledge of Tally is necessary to operate it, making it a simple, user-friendly tool in the hands of any sales person. Minimal steps for data entry encourage prompt usage. This is a big advantage for any sales person, as he can now check, enter data directly, update and dispatch stock, at the click of a button. Thus improving turnaround time and cash management, and enabling better planning for stock procurement.
Problem 3   Smart Solution
To execute his job, a sales person needs information on customer details, items and quantity. The rest is an accountant’s domain. Only the accountant and select members of the management need access to confidential information like debits, taxation, customer pricing/discounts, etc. This kind of data segregation as per job roles can pose difficulties. Juno SendSmart allows user defined security by establishing a security hierarchy. By activating user posting, you can set “Voucher” to be posted as “Optional” in Tally. Users accessing ledger posting and accounting can be distinguished from those accessing pricing and discount details. All information can be pre-configured by the management with the help of the accountant, using the Voucher type/class feature in Tally. Data can be entered accurately by anyone, and yet remain secure.




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